Handyman Services

We Are Specialists In These Areas

Spencer's Handyman Services offers a variety of services that will take that daunting "To-Do List" off your plate and off your mind. Rest assured that we can handle most anything from small projects to large restorations around your home or office. Shoot us a call and we'll swing by your house and complete all those unfinished tasks!

Electrician Handyman Services


We offer light electrical work including changing fuses, running low voltage conduit, new light fixture installation, and outdoor lighting management.

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We provide water heater maintenance scheduling, safety checks, water heat replacement, and ducting repair.

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Whether you need to repaint the entire home or just do some touch-ups around the interior… we’ve got you covered! We offer drywall patching and repair as well.

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plumbing services


We offer a wide array of plumbing services including toilet replacement, snaking lines, replacement of damaged pipes, and even under the sink work such as garbage disposal and dishwasher replacement.

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Renovation Services


We provide renovation services such as siding replacement, concrete patching, deck and fence repair, and even flooring for your home!

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Spencer’s Handyman Service is capable of handling small roofing projects such as shingle patching, roof tile replacement, and gutter repair. .

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Outdoor Maintenance

Light tree trimming, Drip line, installation, Irrigation management, Stump removal, Pressure washing, Laying bark, Laying sod, Sprinkler head repair, Edging, Mowing, Trenching, Retaining Walls, Footings

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smoke detector maintenance

Indoor Maintenance

Indoor monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annual servicing is crucial to maintain the health and safety of your family and your home. Let us handle it for you!

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